Sending calibration to Picswr in PicAStar
You may first wish to read following help screens which explain the calibration process:
      Calswr - load a calibration
      Calswr - do a calibration
The forward and reflected calibration are sent separately by the forward and reflected calibration windows.
The procedure is as follows:
The appropriate calibration window should be displayed with a calibration profile already loaded.
  • Ensure that Picswr's RS232 jack socket is connected to the PC serial port.
  • Press and hold Picswr's mode-change pushbutton on the PicAStar's front panel until the tricolour LED flashes green - it will flash four times and then show steady green.
  • Click the button.
Data transmission will begin and the Picswr LED will flash green rapidly.
After successful transmission, the Picswr LED will glow briefly orange and a checksum message box will appear on the PC screen: