Calswr - main window
Picswr's main window contains:
The display only works when PicAStar is on transmit.
On start up, Calswr looks in the HKCU registry for the identity of the forward and reflected calibration files and finds and loads these files.
This calibration information allows the power scale values to be set and power to be displayed in watts.
If the file lookup fails then you get an error message.
When you first install Calswr, if you haven't yet done your own calibrations then the G3VPX_default calibrations will be loaded.
The four 12-LED indicators will only correspond to the Picswr display if the current calibration data has been transferred to Picswr.
(However, the supplied PicswrNNNN.hex code incorporates the default G3VPX calibration data - and so the displays will correspond until you do your own calibration.)
The above screenshot is on receive - theefore no SWR data showing.
Note that the forward and reflected power scaling is determined by your calibration.
Forward and reflected scaling need not be the same.
The fine tune scaling is always reflected/10.
The SWR scaling is fixed.
On transmit with a matched antenna. The first SWR LED is always on.
On transmit with SWR - 3 : 1
On transmit with SWR = 1.78 : 1.
Note that the reflected power / 10 LED display is still well in range to allow fine tuning.
(This is the red-flashing mode on Picswr)