G3VPX HF Transceiver - schematics

These were drawn on A3 (297 x 420mm) paper on a drawing board. They are presented here as scanned images of the the drawings. My intention is to eventually redraw them wih a CAD program I have requests for them now and so the scanned images have been uploaded.

If you have any queries result from difficulty reading these scan or other technical queries then please do not hesitate to email me at   ian@g3vpx.net

Block diagram - quickly drawn out by hand - will do a better version later

45 Mhz IF module

8.67 Mhz oscillator

ACG module

ALC module

453 kHz - 457 kHz DDS carrier oscillator

Local oscillator board (DDS and BPFs)

PIC18F452 digital controller board (Not including extra 24 bit digital output unit. Modified 8.7.2007 - rotary encoder interface now fucntion correctly)


Receive IF ( 45 MHz - 8.215Mhz - 455kHz - audio)

Transmit IF

Transmit driver amp (between RF BPF board and PA)

Please not that there is no schematic here for the 9 x 4pole RF BPF board. (However its PCB layout and LC design info is available)