G3VPX HF Transceiver - PIC18F452 progamming

I purchased PIC BASIC from microEngineering Labs Inc as part of a developer kit. I use their programmer which connects to the PIC board via a 10 way IDC cable. I no longer use the development board for this project as the PIC can programmed in situ. I learned how to interface to the programmer by copying the connections from the development board. The programmer has a 9 pin serial interface to the PC.

PIC BASIC is very easy to use. I generates assembler code which is then compiled to machine code. A 'programmer' application then communiactes with the PIC chip.

An important advantage of using PIC BASIC was that I was able to upgrade from a PIC16F877 chip to a pin compatible PIC18F452 chip without any reporagramming. The PIC 18F452's advantages include a hardware multiplier and 32MHz operation. The assembly language is different. The microEngineering software suite in fact went automatically into a search for a different assembler program, found it and then compiled the code.

The link below is to my PIC BASIC source code.