G3VPX HF Transceiver - PBC designs

These done using Pad2Pad with can be download free of charge from: www.Pad2Pad.com

Please note that some minor modifiation has been made to most of these boards - the schematics have been updated but the board layout hasn't.

The board layouts were layout printed onto Press N Peel iron-on etch resist film (try www.ronlin.co.uk/pressnpeel.html ) When printing on this film, you need good solid black from the laser printer without tiny dots. I used a Brother HL5040 printer and Advanced setting - 'Use system halftone' with max gamma and large pixel size'

The following links are to Pad2Pad files and can only be viewed using Pad2Pad. If you have Pad2Pad installed then the links will open the layout files on clicking.

PIC18F452 digital controller board

8 to 24 bit extender board for extra 24 digital outputs ( 3 x 74HC244 )

45 MHz IF module

453kHz - 457kHz DDS carrier oscillator (with hole for AD9854 sub board)

8.67 Mhz Colpitts oscillator module

Local oscillator board with five 4 pole BPFs - ( plus space for DDS sub board and 200Mhz clock oscillator)

200 Mhz low phase noise oscillator (Pletronics LVDS osc + LVDS to CMOS convertor chip)

RF bandpass filter module (9 x 4 pole) - no schematic published but LC desigh detail available.

Receive IF - original design - before 8.67 Mhz osc adn on board AF power amp were cut off!!

Recieve IF power and control line filter (no schematic)

Transmit IF

SSM2617 microphone amp sub board

Audio amp - TDA2040

AGC module (Subsequently modified - hang circuit etc)

ALC module (subsequently modified - CW keying)

Tx RF 12dB driver amp

Front panel connector board

Bipolar 120w PA ( LF stability problem > 50w at present)